About Me


My name is Richard Kozuszko and I'm a landscape/wildlife photographer who is based in Adelaide, South Australia. I originally took up photography as a way to capture images of the South Australian coastline and wildlife. Since early childhood I've loved spending time along the coast and getting away from Adelaide on road trips with family and friends. Taking photographs became a way of having a tangible memory to take home with me and relive when I was back to living daily life in the city.


My initial results were terrible, they looked nothing like the scene before me and didn't do the places I saw justice. I slowly taught myself how to more accurately record an image of what I saw and experienced to the point where I was happy with my results. All of this came through trial and error till I could understand what I needed to do in order to take a satisfactory image.


I soon started to explore what is possible with a camera and I became interested in the ways other photographers and artists in general saw landscapes and the importance light plays in creating mood and atmosphere. I've been drawn towards taking photographs using slow exposures and very low light levels around dawn and dusk. I like the way a camera can record the dim afterglow of a sunset that our eyes can no longer see, or how water and clouds can move and blur into something beyond what's visible. These images represent a period of time that's been experienced and recorded as a single moment.


The landscapes images I take generally try to convey a feeling of isolation and calm out of the chaos that nature can unleash. I enjoy being able to watch these events unfold from a remote cliff top or beach and most times I will be the only person witnessing it. The majority of these photographs have been the result of multiple visits to each location, hoping that the elements of weather, light and time come together in order for me to take something unique.


My wildlife images either show an animal's reactions to the environment around it, or up close as a portrait where its expressions can invoke an emotional link to the viewer. Close up photographs are generally taken with a telephoto lens so as to minimise any intrusion on an animal's personal space and I hope that these images capture the beauty they naturally posses.


I'm not a fan of altering images after I capture them so post processing is limited to Basic RAW conversions and traditional darkroom adjustments. All images are printed on archival papers using archival inks to ensure longevity.